Know how to make dandelion infused oil


Dandelion oil:
Medicinal oil made with dandelion flowers and turmeric skins.
Last summer I gathered and dried some dandelion flowers since its highly medicinal flowers,not knowing what I am going to do with it at the time. After researching to find out their use and benefits, I decided to make dandelion oil for massage.
Instead of throwing it away, I also dried turmeric skins when I made a fresh pickle in summer to make oil so I added some dried turmeric skin in this oil .image
Using :
Mustard oil
Extra virgin olive oil
Dried dandelion flowers
Dried turmeric skins
Keeping oil bottle in cool, dark place in kitchen pantry.
After about five months oil looks very colorful and ready to use. But will wait for couple of months then strain and fill it up in another bottle.
hope you enjoyed.
Have a wonderful day friends.


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