Animals in the garden

Hello friends❤
️It’s freezing cold this morning. Sushil bought heating lamp for our stray cats last night. we didn’t bother at night otherwise they all run away. This morning Sushil call me on his way to work to fix the heating lamp for them.
When I went out, it’s all white in garden, their water bucket was all frozen, water turn into ice.
I put their breakfast first so they all get busy eating and not freak out or get scared of heating lamp, so while they eating I fixed the heating lamp, they surprised first but than they like the warmth of heat, everyone enjoying their breakfast and after breakfast they drink fresh comfortably warm water I replaced in their bucket from kitchen faucet.
then one by one they went underneath the table which I covered and place couple of warm blankets on the floor. They all taking naps.
except wild Wille 🙂
looks like he is meditating in front of heating lamps 🙂
they are total eight.
Mom Brownie and her four kids.
Wild Wille, junior Wille, Baby Brownie and Goldy we also call her Godhavari 🙂 Indian name 🙂 she loves it 🙂
Ojloo and his two older brothers Wild Orange and Girl Orange:) we didn’t name her yet so we call her Girl Orange she so cute 🙂
They are all now happy and warm🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱
Hope you all have a wonderful day❤️


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