Bataka Poha

Bataka Poha image
Or call it potato Poha which made with cooked pressed and dried rice I think 🙂 it’s available in all Indian grocery stores.
Potato call bataka in Indian language 🙂
This is very famous Gujrati breakfast dish.
My son sushil’s favorite dish for breakfast and it’s cold outside so made a Bataka Poha for breakfast.
Two medium sized potatoes
Two cups thick poha
One onion
Two jalapeño peppers🌶
Small piece of ginger
Fresh lemon, half🍋
Two tablespoons sugar
Two tsp salt
One tsp turmeric powder
For tampering
Three tablespoons cooking oil
One tsp mustard seeds
One tsp cumin seeds
Couple of dry red chili
Pinch of hing, asafetida powder
Wash poha, strain water, keep it aside.
Wash, peel potatoes, cut into small pieces
Cut jalapeño peppers in fine pieces
Cut onion in a small pieces
Have a ginger crushed
Fresh lemon ready.
Let’s cook now 🙂
On a medium heat
Place saucepan or cooking pan
Add oil
Once oil is hot and swirling around pan
Add mustard seeds
Once seeds starts cracking
Add cumin seeds
Add red chili
Add hing
Right after
Add green peppers
Add onions
Add one tsp salt
Mix, let onions and peppers sauté
Turmeric powder
Add poha and mix it well
Add salt, sugar and squeeze fresh lemon
Mix it all very well to incorporate all ingredients.
Taste it couple of times see if needs to add any extra salt, sugar or lemon juice to your taste.
Bataka Poha is ready to enjoy.
Hot and spicy with slightly tangy with fresh smell of lemon and touch of sweetness
Tastes delicious with hot cup of tea☕️
Have a wonderful day friends❤️


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