Stuffed anaheim peppers

Stuffed Anaheim chile peppers🌶
Anaheim chile peppers are originally cultivated in Mexico, also call California peppers, dried one calls chile Colorado.
Anaheim chile peppers are very mild have unique taste. Everyone loves stuffed Anaheim peppers in my house. Let’s make stuffed Anaheim peppers:)🌶
Five Anaheim peppers wash,clean and dry and slit cut open lengthwise to stuff.
Half a cup chickpeas flour.
One tsp salt or to taste.
One tablespoons cumin powder.
One tablespoons coriander powder.
One tsp sugar.
Half a tsp red chili powder.
Cooking oil.
Add two tablespoons of oil in a cooking pan,
Add chickpeas flour to roast on medium heat.
Roast it to light brown.
take it out in cool dish before it turn brown otherwise it will burn.
Let flour cool down a little
All the above ingredients.
Mix it well
Stuff each peppers with stuffing
Let’s cook:
On medium heat place saucepan
Add couple or tablespoons oil
Add mustard seeds
Add cumin seeds
Add pinch of hing
Once seeds start spluttering
Place peppers in one at a time
Cover it cook for few minutes
Open it
Turn all peppers upside down but one at a time.
Cover it
Let it cook for few more minutes then uncover and let it cook more if peppers looks slightly raw also turn around if it needs to.
Once it’s done
Turn off the heat
If you like peppers slightly crispy than do not cover, if you want well done do cover the lid.
Stuffed Anaheim chile peppers tastes great with rice, beans and roti or pita bread or any flat breads.
Again I must say this peppers has a very distinct, very unique flavor and taste:)
Stuffed Anaheim peppers tastes delicious 🌶

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Have a wonderful day friends ❤️


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