In the gardenšŸŒ¾ Picked few broccoli greens this morning which I Planted from a kitchen scrap simply using bottom part of broccoli. Instead of throwing it away, I just planted outside in garden, covered it with soil, water it and just leave it alone.after few weeks you can have nice bunch of greens to sautĆ©.

SautƩed broccoli with greens:

Broccoli greens washed, cleaned and cut.

Add a couple of tablespoons oil in a saucepan.

Add broccoli in a hot oil.

Add salt to taste.

Add red chili powder to your taste.

Mix it well

Covered it just for a minute.

Cook it to tender but don’t over cook.

Cook it uncovered for a minute on a low heat.

Once it’s done,

Drizzle little honey on top.

Squeeze fresh lemon for zesty taste.

It’s healthy, nutritious and tastes delicious:)

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Thank you ā¤ļø


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