Gardening Tips:šŸŒ¾Know how to use and store to freeze aloe Vera. In the gardenšŸƒAloe Vera.One aloe Vera leaf harvestedWash with warm waterĀ Cut it in to piecesĀ Trim the side first than peel both side skinPlace the aloe Vera gel in to tray to freeze to store for later useĀ After few hours take the tray outĀ Place the already frozen aloe Vera gel pieces in ziplock freezer bag put it back in freezerĀ Take a piece out when ever you want to use itApply on skin, make facial cream,or add it in smoothie or juice.Aloe Vera is a medicinal plant has numerous health benefits for many skin problems.It’s great idea to include at least one aloe Vera plant in the garden.Have a wonderful day friendsšŸ‚


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