Quick cucumber pickle 

This cucumber pickle is very easy and quick makes it in a few minutes with only few ingredients., so let start making this very simple and classic pickle with out any vinegar or any complicated ingredients.


One large cucumber.

One tsp salt.

Half tsp red chili powder.

Less then half tsp black pepper.

Half tsp crushed mustered seeds.

Less than half tsp crushed fenugreek seeds.

Fresh lemon juice from half lemon.

One tsp sugar.


Sliced cucumber in desire shape, place it in a large bowl.

On a medium heat, place saucepan.

Add about one cup water.

Add sugar.

Add lemon juice.

Let it boil for a minute.


Add all the remaining ingredients in cucumber.

Mix it well

Now turn off the heat.

Add boiling water in a spiced cucumber bowl

Mix it one time

Let it cool down completely before storing in a jar.

Cucumber will soften slightly while it’s cooling.

Once pickle cooled completely , you can store in a jar.

You can it this pickle immediately, store in a refrigerator for couple of weeks.

This pickle tastes great not only with sandwiches but other food like rice, dal, roti and breads.

Hope you like this recipe.

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Have a wonderful day.


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