Almond milk smoothie.

imageAlmond milk smoothie for breakfast is a way to start your day. Almond milk smoothie is healthy and delicious.
I made some almond milk at home for my morning breakfast and it turned out just perfect. It tastes even better in smoothie

lets make almond milk smoothie


one cup almond milk.

one banana.

two tablespoons ground oatmeal.

half cup milk or water.

one tsp honey.

place all the ingredients in the blender.

blend it until all ingredients mix well and incorporated in to smoothie

enjoy this almond milk smoothie for breakfast.

NOTE:  use coffee grinder to grind oatmeal. I keep small jar of ground oatmeal ready for smoothie so when ever I want to make smoothie I have it ready.

hope you like this recipe.

do like my page, share and inspire others.

have a pleasant day.




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