Sautéed mix greens.

image image image image image image image image image image image image image image imageIt’s summer time, before it gets too hot I need to harvest all the greens.right now I have so much greens like mustard greens, radish greens, fenugreek leaves, spinach , beet greens, onion greens and garlic greens.
I sautéed mix greens almost every other day. I like to make mix greens because it saves me time in harvesting, cleaning and preparing to cook plus it taste much better. While spinach don’t have much taste mustard taste little strong you might not like it by it self but when you mix all greens including garlic greens and beet greens , you don’t mind eating mustard greens.
Let’s cook some greens.
All the greens you like.
I use mustard, spinach, radish, beets greens.
Couple of cloves crushed garlic.
Couple of tablespoons oil for tampering.
Half tsp mustard seeds.
Half tsp cumin seeds.
Half tsp or less hing asafetida powder.
One rip tomato finely chopped or two tablespoons tomato sauce.
Salt one tsp or according the amount of greens you have or to taste.
Red chili powder two tsp or to your taste.
Half a tsp turmeric powder.
One tsp cumin and coriander powder.
Clean all greens two three times , chop roughly.
Crush garlic.
Cut one tomato in to small pieces or use tomato sauce.
On a medium heat, place sauce pan.
Add oil
When oil gets hot add mustard seeds and cumin seeds
When seeds starts cracking
Add hing asafetida.
Add chopped garlic.
Stirr it .
Add chopped tomato or sauce.
Let it cook for a minute.
Add turmeric powder.
Add red chili powder.
Stirr all spices in tomat and galic.
Now add all chopped greens.
Add salt and cumin coriander powder.
Now mix it all together.
Stirr until all incorporated well.
Close it with lid for a minute.
Open it stirr it for one more time.
Cover it for couple of more minutes.
If any extra water, turn the heat up.
Greens should be cooked and ready.
This sautéed mix greens tastes delicious with any bread, Nan, Roti or pita bread and yogurt. Enjoy.
Hope you like this recipe.

here some pictures of my garden at this time for you
Do like and share to inspire others.
Have a wonderful day.


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