Sautéed beet greens.


image imageimage image imageFriends you ever wonder how beet greens or leaves taste? I was thinking the same thing but surprisingly sautéed beet greens tastes way better than many other greens. I  grow my own greens in garden so I always have a plenty greens growing in garden. I cook all kinds of greens. Mustard greens, radish greens, green onion greens, garlic greens fenugreek greens and spinach but none of them tastes as good as beet greens, and best part is beet greens are very nutritious and it’s free, you going to throw it away anyway. It’s kinda free food .  Next time you buy bunch of beet, instead of throwing it away, sautéed those greens you will be glad you tried. Here are some pictures of beets and greens in my garden and recipe of my sautéed beet greens.

let me show you how I cook my beet greens.
Bunch of beet greens.
Small piece of beet.
Clove of garlic.
Couple of small green peppers.
Two tablespoons of olive oil.
Half a tsp salt or to taste.
1/4 tsp mustard seeds.
1/4 tsp cumin seeds.
Clean beet greens couple of times.
Separate stems and leaves simply by just scraping.
Cut stems in to small pieces.
Cut peppers in to small pieces.
Chop garlic.
Cut green leaves , keep it separate from stems.
Let start cooking.
On a medium heat, place sauce pan.
Add oil is hot enough and moving around
Add mustard and cumin seeds
Add punch of hing asafetida powder
Now add chopped garlic and green peppers.
Stirr it until both sautéed.
Add beet stems and cut beets.
Keep stirring.
Add salt mix it .
Let it cook for couple of minutes until stems and pieces of beets feels soft and cooked.
Now add chopped beet leaves.
Mix it well, cover it let it cook for couple of more minutes until leaves look soft and cooked completely incorporated with stems.
Lift the cover, stirr it couple of times.
Turn off the heat.
Tastes amazing when you eat hot with yogurt.
Hope you like this recipe.
Do like my page and share to inspire others.
Have a wonderful day.


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