Fruits and nuts chocolate barks.

imageimageHome made chocolate barks is super easy, quick, simple and delicious. It’s a healthy snack for whole family.
To make chocolate barks, you can use your choice of chocolate. Sweet, semisweet milk chocolate or dark chocolate. You can use your choice of nuts or mix of fruits and nuts.

Prepare dish with parchment paper to pour chocolate in it.
On a low heat, place a pan, add some water, on top of that place a smaller size pan in such a way so water don’t touch the smaller pan in which you going to add chocolate to melt.
Add chocolate, let it melt on low heat, use a wooden spoon to stirr, keep stirring until all chocolate melt evenly.
Pour melted chocolate in a dish you already have prepared, spread evenly.
Sprinkle your choice of nuts and fruits, pressing it gently let it cool down. Refrigerate to cool down completely.
Break it into pieces, store it in a jar, keep it in a refrigerator for cool and crispy barks. Enjoy.
Hope you like this recipe.
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Have a wonderful day.


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