Focaccia bread.

Focaccia bread is a Italian flat bread can be made with different herbs and spices like garlic bread, onion bread, Parmesan bread or any other spices or herb you like. It has light, flaky and spongy texture. Focaccia bread has unique taste that makes this bread apart from regular bread.
Focaccia bread with garlic is my favorite one so let’s make focaccia bread with garlic.
Two cups all purpose flour
Half cup semolina
One tsp salt or to taste
Half cup olive oil
Six garlic cloves
Half tsp sugar
One pk of yeast
Prepare dough
In a bowl place flour
Add yeast, salt, sugar and spoonful of oil
Mix it all
Add water enough to make sticky dough, make a ball, cover with oil, place a dough in bowl cover it with lid or towel , let it rest for an hour. Dough should be rise to double in size.
Punch it down few times , cover it let it rest and rise one more time for one more hour.
Meanwhile prepare baking pan by covering with oil.
Preheat the oven for 350
In a small bowl make a garlic paste with olive oil.
After second time
just pour the dough straight in a baking pan, spread it with oily hand.
Let it rest for ten minutes.
Now spread olive oil and garlic mixture over the dough.
Punch it or poke the dough with your fingers.
Add remaining oil on top of the dough and spread.
When oven is ready
Bake the bread for 30 minutes until it looks golden brown.
Turn off the oven
Take The bread out of oven, serve it hot with pasta, spaghetti or your favorite sauce.
Enjoy your focaccia bread.

Hope you like this recipe.
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