Sesame sukhdi

Sesame sukhdi or burfi is a healthy sweet can be made with only few ingredients and very little time. Sesame seeds has numerous health benefits, it’s a healthy treats for everyone in family. You can use a whole sesame seeds or crushed or grind. This time I am using grind sesame seeds, almonds and pecans but you can add any nuts you like.

One cup sesame seeds slightly roasted
One cup ground half cup ground almonds
Half cup ground pecans. You can use walnuts if you like.
One cup sugar or jaggary
Less then half cup water
Four tablespoons ghee
Let’s start cooking
In a saucepan add water and sugar, start cooking on a medium heat. Keep stirring until all sugar and water incorporate and start bubbling. Stirr few more time until all bubble disappear and syrup looks clear.
Now add all the nuts and sesame seeds.
Mix well, add ghee, turn off the heat.
Transfer the mixture in to greased dish.
Let it cool down for a minute, cut it into pieces.
Let it cool completely before storing.
Sesame sukhdi is ready to enjoy.


Hope you like this recipe.
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Have a wonderful day.


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