Granola bites.

Granola bites are healthy snacks for any time of the day. It’s quick, easy and nutritious, can be make with simple ingredients you have in your kitchen. You can use any dry fruits and nuts you like any kind seeds you like so let’s make granola bites.
Four cups rolled oats.
Half cup almonds or any nuts you like. I used pecans .
Half cup brown sugar.
Half cup honey.
Half cup butter or coconut oil .
Half tsp salt.
Half cup coconuts flakes .
Half cup raisins or any fruits you like.
Couple of tablespoons seeds if you like. Sesame or sunflower seeds.

In saucepan: add butter,brown sugar,honey and salt.
Combine all on medium heat, bring it to boil until everything incorporated.
In large bowl: mix oats, nuts, fruits and seeds, pour the liquid mixture over dry ingredients mix it well.
Transfer all to greased baking sheet, press it firmly with hands.
Preheat the oven to 350 bake it for 15 to20 minutes
Turn off the oven. Let it cool down. Cut it into small pieces.

Let it cool down completely before you store in jar.
Your tasty bites are ready to enjoy.

Hope you like this recipe.
Do like, share and inspire others.
Have a wonderful day.


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