In the garden: Flowers of vegetables

Flowers of vegetables.

Everyday when we work in vegetable garden, our eyes are looking for vegetables:)

We totally ignore their flowers. 

We underestimate the power of vegetable flowers and ignore their colorful beauty and presence in the garden. Vegetable flowers are not only as beautiful as roses but because of them we have bountiful vegetables in our garden and on our kitchen table.

They are the ones who produce all the food we eat.

Stop for a second and observe the beauty of these flowers, you will be glad you did 🙂



I am so fond of vegetable flowers, even for some reason it doesn’t produce vegetable or fruit, I forgive them to appreciate 🙂

What can I say 🙂

I just love their eye catching exquisite beauty with touch of simplicity ❤️

Do enjoy this beautiful vegetable flowers  and appreciate 🙂

image  Hope you like my garden 🙂

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Have a wonderful day friends ❤️


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