Pecan brittle

I am spending most of my gardening time by picking pecans and raking leaves on these fall days. For a change, I decide to make a pecan brittle. Pecan brittle are so tasty, healthy and easy to make using only few ingredients.

Let’s make pecan brittle

2 cup pecans
1 cup sugar
1/2 cup water

Before you start cooking, grease baking sheet and keep it ready to use.
On a medium heat, place heavy bottom pan
Add water
Add sugar
Let it boil slowly on its own. Do not stir. Sugar will start changing color to golden brown and stop making bubbles that when you know that sugar is ready.
Add pecan
Stir quickly
Mix it quickly and pour it on greased baking sheet.
Do not touch it will be extremely hot
Let it cool down completely.

After half hour when it’s completely cool , break it down in to pieces.
Note: You can also use Jaggary instead of sugar, if you use Jaggary you don’t need to add water.
Your pecan brittle is ready to enjoy.

Hope you like this recipe.
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