In the garden: Turmeric

Turmeric is from the garlic family. Its a tropical plant.
Turmeric also known as curcuma longa has mild bitter taste and fragrant like orange and ginger. It has numerous health benefits. You can check it out in any health site for more information.


Turmeric is the most important spice in Indian cooking. Fresh turmeric you can use in soups, sauces, curry or any vegetables. Turmeric gives nice color to food and it’s good for health. You can also make turmeric pickle by adding salt and fresh lemon juice in cleaned, peeled sliced turmeric, store in a jar, keep it refrigerated. You can eat few pieces of this pickle with bread, rice or any food you like to eat with. You can also use fresh turmeric adding small piece in your favorite juice or smoothie. I also make a turmeric pickle to keep long time so we can have pickle for year around until next season. I will post recipe soon for spicy turmeric pickle.

Turmeric is easy to grow in any home garden or in pots.
You need good soil, good compost and warm spot in garden. It takes about eight to ten months to mature and ready to harvest. You can buy turmeric bulbs or roots from any Asian grocery stores, plant them in spring six inches apart and just few inches deep in good organic soil, cover with compost add little mulch on top and water. Keep soil moist but don’t over water. It will take almost all summer to grow turmeric. End of summer you can dig it up turmeric.

Instead of harvesting all turmeric, pick most of them, leaving few with plant, cut the leaves from top and plant it back in the soil for next season so you don’t have to buy new turmeric to plant. You can divide and grow more plants. Turmeric is very easy to grow and very important for our health.

Here are some pictures of turmeric and turmeric plants in my garden.


Hope you like my turmeric garden.
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Have a wonderful day.


One thought on “In the garden: Turmeric

  1. You write very well and I enjoy reading your blog! I spent two weeks in India during our daughter’s wedding and became very fond of turmeric. I am especially hoping that turmeric helps my husband’s arthritis. Presently I have 15 turmeric plants that were begun in April.

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