Bottle gourd flat bread/dhebra/thepla

Bottle gourd flat bread, Thepla or also call Doodhi na Thepla or Dhebra.

This Bottle gourd flat bread is great for morning breakfast with tea or for lunch with yogurt and garlic chutney.
Let’s make bottle gourd bread.

One medium size bottle gourd. Washed, peeled and shredded.
Two cups whole wheat flour
Two tablespoons chickpeas flour
Three tablespoons oil
Half tsp turmeric powder
Half tsp sugar
Half tsp salt or according to taste
One tsp red chili powder
One tsp sesame seedsIn a large bowl
Add flours and oil. Mix it well
Now add remaining ingredients mix it all to make a dough. Start making bread immediately other wise dough will get too soft.


Let’s start cooking
Place Tava we cook roti in or any heavy bottom pan
On a medium heat
Make a small ball of dough, roll in a flour and make circle using rolling pin and board.
Place it on a hot Tava let it cook one side then flip it to cook other side. Spread little oil on top side , flip it again. Spread oil on other side, let it cook both side until bread looks golden brown and little crispy.
Your Doodhi Thepla or Dhebra are ready .

Enjoy your bottle gourd flat bread.
Hope you like this recipe.
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Have a pleasant day.


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