Garlic chutney

If you like hot and spicy food like me, you will love this garlic chutney.
You can make this chutney many ways and using different ingredients but this chutney is so simple, easy and need only few basic ingredients.

7 to 8 cloves of peeled garlic.
1/2 cup of red chili powder.
1 tsp cumin powder.
1/2 tsp salt or according to taste
Small piece of jaggery.
Couple of spoons water.


You can make this chutney in a small mixers but I like to use a rolling pin and board so let’s make a garlic chutney.
On a rolling board:
Place peeled and chopped or crushed garlic
Add red chili powder
Roll it until garlic and chill powder mixed well
Add cumin powder, salt and jaggery
Roll it until it makes thick paste
Add water slowly and roll it few times
Mix it well your garlic chutney is ready to enjoy with your favorite bread, roti, nan or paratha.

Hope you like this recipe.
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Have a wonderful day.


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