Sautéed banana peel.🍌🌶🌿

Banana peels

We always throw away banana peel after eating banana but banana peel we can use in compost, polish shoes, clean silverware,whiten your teeth, makes good face mask since it has enzyme which is good for your skin. You can also eat banana peels.

Let’s make sautéed banana peel.
Try to use banana peel as soon as possible so peel doesn’t become dark or keep in water until you ready to use.

Banana peels of two bananas🍌.
Two Table spoons oil
1/4Tsp Mustard seeds
1/4Tsp Cumin seeds
Pinch of Hing or asafetida
1/2 Tsp red chili pepper powder🌶
1/4 Tsp cumin coriander powder
1/2 Tsp salt or to taste
1/4Tsp sugar
Small piece of fresh lemon🍋
1green pepper. I used jalapeño pepper from garden🌶.
Few fresh coriander leaves.


Wash and Cut green pepper in small pieces
Wash and cut coriander leaves.
Wash and cut banana peels in small pieces.
Have a piece of fresh lemon ready.

Put pan on medium heat , add oil
When oil is hot and ready to use
Add mustard seeds and cumin seeds
When seeds starts cracking
Add pinch of hing or asafetida.
Add turmeric powder in oil.
Add banana peel right after and mix it well. Adding turmeric powder in oil makes banana peel or any vegetable colorful instantly.
Now add salt
Add red chili powder
Add cumin and coriander powder
Add sugar you can add small piece of banana cut in small pieces instead of sugar.
Last squeeze piece of lemon
Add few coriander leaves
Mix it well and cover it for minute or two until peels get little softer and colorful
Garnish with coriander leaves

Your sautéed banana peels ready to eat with your favorite bread. Nan, roti or pita bread .

Sautéed banana peels

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